Mission Statement

Gator Bait Technologies, Inc. (GBT) is in the business of providing value added services that enhance its client’s capabilities to process information more efficiently.  GBT provides custom programming and custom network solutions for its clients while concentrating on new ways to expand its clients interaction whith their customers over the Internet.  GBT sees large opportunities in providing its clients enhanced Software as a Service (SaaS) applications over the World Wide Web that allow customers expanded capabilities at a fraction of their current cost.


Design and Development

Gator Bait Technologies is an Oracle Partner with over 15 years of Oracle development experience. Recent projects have been concentrated in the LAMP (Linux, Appache, MySQL, PHP) enviornment utilizing and expanding upon open source development tools.The company develops web enabled applications (SaaS or “Software as a Service”) using object oriented programming. These program “objects” are reusable pieces of code that enable GBT to rapidly develop future applications utilizing the SaaS structure. Pioneering SaaS applications ultimately allows GBT to offer software solutions that not only out-perform legacy (client / server) applications offered by the competition, but also can be implemented at a fraction of the cost.  SaaS applications are fuly web based and require little to no maintenance, do not require customers to purchase expensive server hardware or take on the overhead associated with employing IT support staff. This truly innovative advance in structure allows GBT to target numerous market segments that normally would not be able to justify the cost of a traditional client server software solution. This format is uniquely designed for mass distribution and its turn-key attributes allow for rapid adoption.